Spreaker Podcast Player App

Our podcast listening app is the perfect place to download and listen to your favorite podcasts. Saving your favorites and discovering new podcasts, curating listening lists, and creating your own personalized playlists is right at your fingertips with the Spreaker Podcast Player app.


Personalized Listening & Discovery

With so many podcasts available to you, it’s important to find an app that allows you to customize your listening and discovery. On Spreaker Podcast Player, you can browse carefully curated channels and utilize automatically generated playlists that are just for you. Plus, you can even get instant notifications when your favorite podcast drops a new episode!


Icon of headphones and download button

Download Podcasts

No matter where you go, your downloaded podcasts are available to you. Listening to podcasts offline has never been easier or more convenient.

Icon of timer to represent the podcast sleep timer function

Podcast Sleep Timer

Fall asleep listening to your favorite soothing podcast without worrying about how long it will play. Relax and unwind as you doze off, and the timer will turn your episode off after the amount of time you set it to.

An icon representing Chrome

Listen via Chromecast and AirPlay

Fill your home with the sounds of your favorite podcast, thanks to the Spreaker Podcast Player’s compatibility with Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay. You can use the app on your smartphone or tablet as a remote control, and listen aloud on any Chromecast and AirPlay compatible devices.

An icon of a play button

Podcast Playback Speed

Podcasts lengths and the time you have available to listen aren’t always compatible. That’s why you can adjust the playback speed settings to speed up a podcast’s length for the time you have. Plus, if you’re looking to really digest the content, you can slow things down too.


Start Listening Today

A customized podcast listening experience is waiting for you on the Spreaker Podcast Player.